Homer is a creative content and full service production company based in New York with experience shooting throughout the U.S.

We specialize in creating smart and innovative work that focuses on compelling, engaging narratives and striking visuals. We offer brands both established and emerging, the ability to maximize their goals by providing bespoke creative and production solutions: telling authentic stories that build trust and value.

Homer can produce everything from interviews to large scale studio and location productions. We can create and produce digital content and videos that are scalable to your budget needs while achieving the most production value possible.

Our team of creatives, technologists, and producers have years of experience developing creative content and providing full service production for numerous global and US brands including Chevrolet, Dodge, Budweiser, Coors Light, McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's, Wendy’s, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central, TV Land, USA Network, FX, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Pfizer, Prudential, American Heart Association, Frito Lay, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Nabisco, and Pillsbury.

DAVID KERWIN - Executive Producer

David brings over 20 years of executive producing experience working with advertising agencies and directly for networks and global clients; creating and producing a wide range of content and national commercial campaigns, throughout the US and internationally, for screens of every size. His experience and hands-on approach managing comedic, narrative and visual storytelling content projects, brings a wealth of solid guidance for his clients to execute projects of any size with the most creative impact and production value.

JAMIE ROSENBERG - Director, Cinematographer

His career spans over 20 years as a Director and Cinematographer with a concentration in commercial, music video, corporate and documentary work. Jamie developed his critical eye and refined sensibilities at a young age growing up in a family of filmmakers. His early training was shooting film but was an early adapter of digital video . His work is a perfect blend of technical ability, creativity and substance. Jamie's work has taken him all over the world capturing stunning images that tell authentic stories celebrating the human condition and the common ground we all share.


Jennifer has a unique history of being part of a family that has worked in film and television for four generations. Her diverse production background in documentary, commercial and corporate video brings a wealth of knowledge and unwavering detail managing all aspects of the production process. Jennifer thrives at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and client relations to bring the highest level of production and value to projects of all mediums.